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EPSA 2017 Awards

34 cases from 18 European countries and EU institutions/agencies identified as Best Practices by our external and independent evaluators.

28 June 2017

Dear EPSA Friends,

As you know, the EPSA 2017 edition is looking for innovative and inspiring cases from across Europe that found new solutions to tackle the complex challenges faced by public administrations at all levels.

All applications received underwent first an online evaluation by external and independent evaluators (academics, practitioners or PA consultants). Then these evaluators met last week in Maastricht to reach a consensus on the project they had assessed and to identify those cases submitted to EPSA 2017 that will be awarded a Best Practice Certificate (BPC).

Out of all the applications submitted to this edition 34 projects have been identified as being a best practice and thus deserving a BPC. These 34 excellent public achievements have found new solutions to a range of complex challenges such as: economic uncertainty, low economic growth, high unemployment, unparalleled levels of migration, lack of trust in government, security and climate change, among others. They come from 18 European countries and 3 EU institutions/agencies.

See the detailed list of Best Practice Certificate recipients for the European/National administrative category, the Regional administrative category and the Supra-local/Local administrative category.

A number of projects have been shortlisted for validation onsite visits, this being the next step of the evaluation process. The projects qualifying for the onsite visits have already been contacted by the EPSA Team.

The best practices, nominees and prize winners will be presented during a three-day high-level final event and award ceremony in Maastricht (NL) on 20-22 November 2017 and all EPSA 2017 submitters are most welcome to attend these events. Following a well-established tradition, the various events will take place at three different venues in Maastricht, i.e. the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), the Maastricht Town Hall and the Provincial Government Buildings on the Meuse respectively.

Keep checking our website at the end of September for the next step results (the nominees!) and for more detailed information on the three-day final events!

The EPSA Team wish you a relaxing and inspiring summer recess!

Consensus Meeting on 22-23 June last

Following the online evaluation, the EPSA 2017 external and independent evaluators met at EIPA Maastricht last week to come to a consensus on the projects they had evaluated and to agree on the list of projects that will be awarded a 2017 Best Practice Certificate. Since we always strive to have a good balance, the group of evaluators was comprised of 15 evaluators from 9 European countries,. seven academics, 4 public practitioners and 4 private consultants. See group picture below

Our evaluators and the EPSA Team in front of EIPA's main building in Maastricht

As you know, EPSA is an important learning arena for knowledge transfer on how public administrations across Europe can innovate and at the same time increase their effectiveness and efficiency. EPSA cases are being used in EIPA’s capacity building activities as inspiring examples for building innovation capacities in the public sector.

In this context we would like to ask your attention for the following upcoming activities:

Upcoming capacitity building activities at EIPA

And two upcoming EIPA events which use lessons from EPSA cases

Using EU Funds to Modernise Infrastructure - Private Finance, EFSI/Credit Enhancement or not?

3-4 October in Maastricht

In which sectors should EU Funds be targeted in Member States? How should public bodies prioritise projects? Is blending private finance with EU Funds always the right choice? Some of the issues to discuss with our experts from EIPA, DG Regio and the EIB.

Contract Management for Complex Procurement Contracts? What to Do and How to Do it

9-10 October in Maastricht

How far should end users be involved with contract monitoring? What role can social media play? What role can data mining play? How important is transparency in contract performance for trust in government? Some of the issues to discuss with our experts to make sure that value for money achieved in procurement award is secured during the execution of the contract.

Keep on checking www.epsa2017.eu for updates!

The EPSA brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. Outstanding administrative performances are, after all, produced under different conditions within Europe.

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