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EPSA 2017 Awards

Opening of the EPSA 2017 Call for Applications

13 February 2017

Dear members of the EPSA Community,

The EPSA 2017 Team at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) are proud to announce that the call for applications for the EPSA 2017 edition is now open!

We succeeded once again in obtaining enough institutional support and interest to launch the sixth edition of this well-established award scheme. The way is paved for a new successful and exciting journey to the world of public sector excellence.

Now it’s up to you, potential applicants, to submit inspiring examples of successful solutions to current and future challenges faced by public administrations, and to make this year’s round at least as successful as in 2015.

Under the overarching theme An Innovative Public Sector in 2017 – New Solutions to Complex Challenges EPSA 2017 seeks to showcase and reward those cases submitted by public administrations which have demonstrated an innovative approach to public service delivery and policy-making to the increasingly complex, difficult to address and often multi-dimensional challenges faced by the public sector in Europe. These challenges come at a time of an increasingly rapid pace of change, requiring public sector bodies to address both immediate needs and issues with important future consequences, and to effectively prioritise actions. Solutions are sought where public entities contribute to the enhancement of trust in their ability. In the current context, public sector intervention is particularly needed, both to address the impact of continuing economic uncertainty and to meet the needs of different stakeholders in a way that is demonstrably equitable and inclusive.

Put simply, in many cases new solutions are called for by this theme where previously tried solutions to address challenges may no longer be optimal.

The EPSA 2017 thus aims to reward public innovative solutions in administrations that show how the public sector is responding effectively to major challenges and is performing efficiently. Detailed information can be found in the Call text.

As you know, the EPSA is open to European public sector institutions from all administrative levels, as well as public sector enterprises, agencies and public-private partnerships. The lead applicant must be a public sector institution or authority, partners can for example be private companies, semi-public institutions, NGOs, universities or training institutions.

We encourage you to watch our EPSA2017 video to learn more about EIPA, the EPSA 2017 theme, the benefits of taking part in EPSA and to get inspiration for submission of interesting cases.

For further information about EPSA 2017 and how to submit your online application(s), please consult www.epsa2017.eu or get directly in touch with the EPSA 2017 Team at EIPA:

Email: info@epsa2017.eu

Tel.: 00 34 93 245 1205 or 00 31 (0) 43 329 62 78

We look forward to your innovative and inspiring projects.

Yours sincerely,

The EPSA 2017 Team at EIPA

The EPSA brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. Outstanding administrative performances are, after all, produced under different conditions within Europe.

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